About Us

Archangel Investments is an online enterprise striving towards the successful development of NGO’s and SME’s in Grenada and the Caribbean Region by increasing their access to funding opportunities, donor agencies, resources and skills.  We are dedicated to the promotion, support and development of Non Profit Organizations, & Small-Medium sized Enterprises. We exist to put you in touch with the tools and resources to increase your chances of success.

At Archangel Investments we share a common vision and firmly believe that success, is built on service and relationship. As a company we exist to serve you and empower our citizens in the relentless pursuit of success.



Russel M. John (BEd Hons.) YLAI Fellow

Russel John is the founder of Archangel Investments, a career educator and professional fellow of the inaugural Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI).  Guided by his personal philosophy of “Service. Commitment. Success”, Russel brings with him almost a decade of experience in  leadership & public service. Most recently he has served on the executive board of the Writers Association of Grenada and the Grenada Coalition of Service Industries.