About Us

Archangel Investments was founded in 2015. The company is based in Grenada but operates with a regional scope and focus. Beyond informing nonprofits and socially conscious entrepreneurs, we also provide services to help our clients access grants, business financing and development opportunities. As a company we are also engaged in fundraising for non profit entities and impact investing for socially conscious businesses.


Our Vision:

To create environments for social and economic success

Our Mission

We are a team of professionals who firmly believe in the power of Caribbean ideas and enterprises. With that in mind, we’ve decided to invest our time, resources and expertise to help entities in the region access finance, mentorship & capacity development opportunities. We search for, and share these opportunities with our network.

Where no opportunity exists, we develop partnerships with companies across the region to help create them. Therein lies our mission, we exist to provide access and create opportunity for financing and development for non profits and social entrepreneurs in the Caribbean Region.


About Archangel Exchanges


For current and future entrepreneurs, Archangel Exchanges is a monthly networking event that delivers authentic engagement and business strategies using local, candid entrepreneur experiences. Exchanges brings together current and future entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches to share their knowledge, challenges and experiences building successful entities in the Grenada.