Archangel Exchanges Networking Event

Archangel Exchanges is a knowledge sharing and networking event hosted by Archangel Investments. The session, carded for June 1st 2017, begins at 5:00pm at the U.W.I. Open Campus and allows entrepreneurs to share experiences and lessons learned while creating and sustaining a business.

June’s exchange features US Based, Co-Founder of Note Booster, Gregor Richardson. ARCHANGEL EXCHANGES

Gregor  is an entrepreneur and computer consultant living in Seattle, Washington. He is an advocate for the use of technology to remove barriers and to bring equality for those in need. With a strong affinity for purpose driven organizations, Gregor’s passions have lead to his involvement with a variety of industries.

His recent ventures include:

  • A partnership with an American utility company to reduce energy consumption
  • Free computer training for South Florida after school programs
  • And the creation of an online fundraising tool for college non profits

Gregor currently serves as a software consultant for America’s leading provider of government transparency solutions.
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