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Profit is good. Profit with a purpose is better.

Financing for Non profits and Social Entrepreneurs

Archangel Investments provides information on existing solutions for financing and business support to help non profits and social enterprises grow and achieve their targets.


Our “Fund Hunters” research and publish information on exchange programs, incubators and accelerators to help you and your team grow and refine your business. Beyond that,we search for open grant financing at the local, regional and international levels and provide grant writing and business planning solutions to help you secure the funding you need.

If you have a early stage or existing organization and are looking to explore forms of financing such as crowdfunding, giving days or annual fundraisers, our campaign development team will help you design creative campaigns to help reach your fundraising goals. 

Networking, Mentorship and Support

Archangel Investments was a member of the inaugural cohort of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative(YLAI). Through the YLAI Network, traditional and social entrepreneurs have access to a network that spans the entire Caribbean region as well as Latin America. 

Locally in Grenada, we host a monthly networking and knowledge sharing event ,Archangel Exchanges. Exchanges brings together social and traditional entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, coaches and professionals to share experiences and lessons learned while building a successful enterprise in Grenada.

Through our local network, we share information on networking and capacity development opportunities. 

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