Our Why

Archangel exists to help companies small and large, directly impact communitiesAt heart, we are collaborators who marry the heart of philanthropy with the power of the private business, to create impactful environments for success.

Our Work

With Businesses

We help businesses maximize the impact of their charitable actions; transforming donations into channels for impact investment. Whether through company specific grant programs, grouped social investment or sustainable individual partnerships, we help companies create pathways to reach directly into the heart of people’s lives.

For Social Enterprises

The impact and sustainability of nonprofits and social enterprises is vital to human development. We help organizations access the finance needed to do more good through free and paid resources to assist with grant research, fundraising, financial planning and more.

Our Collaborators

It is impossible to imagine a future where we are not using our resources to serve each other. Our strength in service comes from connecting with and working alongside some of the Caribbean’s most daring entrepreneurs, non profit leaders and networks.

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