What are Archangel Exchanges?

Being an entrepreneur can be a exciting, invaluable and rewarding journey. It can also be a frustrating, walk riddled with difficult decisions and tough choices. 

For entrepreneurs, social or otherwise, Archangel Exchanges are networking events that provide authentic stories, candid entrepreneur experiences and lived business strategy, from native Grenadian & Caribbean voices. Exchanges are designed to soberly inspire action and foster collaboration among current and future problem solvers.

Who should attend?


If you are just developing your idea, just starting out or you’ve had years of experience, Exchanges has an opportunity waiting for you.

Non Profit Leaders

Exchanges will be invaluable to you and your organization if you’re a purpose driven individual dedicated to creating positive impact in your communities.

Business Students & Coaches

Those who want to support and connect with problem solvers as coaches, clients or future employees will find great value in meeting the cadre of minds at Exchanges.

What's there for you?


“It’s not always what you know, but WHO you know.  A steady source of relevant connections in your network is essential to your success. Exchanges opens the door for you to connect with and build, a network of partners, and  suppliers  that you can call on when you need them.


Exchanges is a great way to tap into advice and expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get hold of. We focus on sharing strategy and stories that can help you develop your own solutions to all sorts of things related to business or even your personal life.


Having like-minded people to talk to is invaluable to your growth as an individual and in business. Exchanges allows you to form supportive environments through which you can grow and develop in tandem with your ideas and enterprises.

Business Leads

The most obvious benefit of Exchanges is the leads that you can potentially land. You can then follow up on these leads and turn them into loyal clients who would be happy to refer you to their own network. Alternatively the opportunity to develop partnerships, speaking opportunities, collaborators, are endless.

When is the next Exchange?