Our Story

In late 2015, social entrepreneurs and grass-root organizations in Grenada were on the verge of losing access to a large pool of financial resources because few had known those resources existed. Out of the desire the ensure that problem solvers never lost access to such opportunities again, we began researching  financial solutions for social entrepreneurs. It is here Archangel was born.

To create environments for social and economic success

We firmly believe in the power of Caribbean ideas and enterprises.

We work to provide tangible and virtual spaces where social entrepreneurs can share knowledge, access opportunities & solve problems.

To provide access to and create opportunity for financing and development for non profits and social entrepreneurs in the Caribbean Region.

We search for, and share existing financing and development opportunities with our network. Where no opportunity exists, we will work along with you and other partners to create new solutions unique to our space, need and circumstance. 

Archangel is based in Grenada but serves and collaborates with people and companies within the OECS and wider Caribbean. Our priority areas are, Technology, Education, Agriculture, Creativity and Health. For social entrepreneurs within these fields, our aims span,

  • Helping non profits research & write for fundraising opportunities
  • Helping companies maximize social impact partnerships
  • Raising an OECS based Social Business Venture Fund


The problems facing Caribbean economies are both social and economic. In most cases, these issues are not mutually exclusive. To adequately address the social issues, we must also address our economic issues. This is why Archangel Investments believes in Social Entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurship is the creation of businesses which develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. Social entrepreneurs solve a specific problem such as the creation of income for the poor or the provision of essential products and services including food security, healthcare, clean water or clean energy.


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Russel John

Writer/Researcher (GND)


Gregor Richardson

Strategic Relations U.S.A


Sheena Regis

Financial Analyst (SKN)


Sandra James

Fundraising Coordinator (GND)

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