Funding Alert: $30,000 Business Financing to Expand your Side Gig


Grenada Development Bank (GDB) invites applications from Grenadian residents through its “Mind Your Business” financing promotion.


Residents who are pursuing business creation and wealth accumulation can access a maximum of $30,000 XCD as an unsecured loan through the Grenada Development Bank.

While the existing Small Business Fund supports self employed individuals, GDB’s Mind Your Business promotion aims to finance the start up or expansion of additional income generating activities for salaried employees. The loan carries maximum term limit of five years at an annual interest rate of 10%.


To be eligible, you’ll need the following:

  • Identification
    • A standard requirement, this can be National ID/Drivers license, Passport, NIS card etc
  • Steady part time/full time income.
    • A pay slip and/or job letter should prove this easily
  • Business Overview
    • This should include financial projections or historical data such as bank/financial statements if you’ve already started your side gig. You can write your own Business Overview or email us to request assistance.


For further details, visit or contact GDB at 473 440 1620/2382

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