Grant Assistance for Sports & Cultural Grassroots Projects

Grant assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project (GCGP) is meant to facilitate cultural exchanges and deepen friendship and mutual understanding between Japan and developing countries by providing non-profit organizations of those countries with support for procurement of equipment and construction of facilities to promote culture and higher education.


any type of non-profit organizations which are active at the grass-roots level in developing countries including:

  • non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
  • local authorities,
  • research & higher education institutions.

Under certain conditions, governmental institutions may also be eligible for assistance.

Priority areas:

  • GCGP directly supports the promotion of culture and higher education at the grass-roots level in each country, while also serving as cooperation which encourages understanding of and cultural exchanges with Japan.
    • Currently, one of the priority area of GCGP is sport fields as a part of the “Sport for Tomorrow” initiative.

Available Funds

The grant amount per project, in principle, is up to 10 million yen.

Implementation Period

The implementation period of the project is one year after the signing date of the grant contract.

Eligible Countries

Countries eligible for GCGP are selected from ODA eligible countries and regions specified by the DAC list of ODA recipients. See here

How to Apply

See here

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