Blue Action Fund Calls for Proposals

Blue Action Fund plans to finance individual grants to selected marine/coastal conservation projects of NGOs in marine protected areas (MPAs) and their buffer zones, focusing on the most sensitive coastal waters of Africa, Latin America and Asia/Pacific.

This First Open Call for Proposals sets the strategic and geographic priorities that the Fund seeks to promote in its first open funding round.



VALUE: For this first call for proposals:

  • the geographic focus is set on Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
  • Blue Action’s contribution to the project can be budgeted at €1-3 million



In general, the Blue Action Fund seeks projects which:

  • Contribute to fulfilling Sustainable Development Goal 14 and Aichi Target 11;
  • Are located in the marine waters of overseas development aid (ODA) countries and support areas with significant marine biodiversity and potential for poverty reduction;
  • Take an integrated, multi-pronged approach (i.e., contribute to marine protection as well as poverty reduction, sustainable & equitable use, community-based protection, etc.);
  • Are scalable and if successful could be not only sustainable but transformative;
    yet at the same time have the potential to show early impacts and results;
  • Look beyond protecting a single MPA and consider MPA systems and/or promote regional approaches.



  • international or regional NGOs with proven experience in coastal and marine conservation, who have the capacity to plan, execute and monitor projects of the above-mentioned size.
    • Blue Action welcomes the applications of consortia of NGOs led by international and/or regional NGOs that include national NGOs or other local implementing partners.  Consortia applications should demonstrate clearly the task sharing and the synergies between the applicants.
  • Blue Action’s procedures require that all projects must receive the endorsement of the appropriate authority/authorized body of the country or region.
  •  Applicants must provide a certain minimum financial contribution as explained in the Grant Procedures Manual.



In summary, Blue Action’s grants process is as follows

  • The applicants can submit concept notes using a concept note template until the specified deadline.
  • Applicants will be informed if their concept note has been short-listed within 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.
  • Short-listed applicants will be asked to elaborate a full proposal using a prescribed template. At this stage, NGOs will have to answer questions regarding their procedures and procurement guidelines.
  • The time frame for elaborating the full proposal is six (6) weeks.
DEADLINE: Interested organizations should send a concept note in Word or PDF format to:  with the subject line “[your organization] Project Concept Note” by August 3, 2017.

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