FundriseHer Grant for Caribbean Women Entrepreneurs

Agency: FundRiseHER

Value: $10,000 – $25,000

Eligible Caribbean Countries: All Caribbean Countries

Deadline: 31st December 2016


Overview: FundRiseHER™ is a crowdfunded Grant Fund designed as an enabler for women entrepreneurs who own 50% or more of their companies and who aspire to showcase their dynamic and forward-looking vision on the global stage. The grant allows women entrepreneurs to gain access to capital and to have the option to tap into the global networks of the Commonwealth to foster the scalability of their entrepreneurship endeavours.

Eligibility: Your business should be

  • A for profit business
  • A new initiative at the proof of concept stage.
  • under 2 years and pre-revenue.
  • established but you have a new initiative to grow and scale through new products, new customers and/or new markets.

The Evaluation Criteria will favour the funding of projects or ventures based on:

  • business scaling potential
  • job creation
  • bias towards climate change, tech, fintech, green initiative – other, and agroprocessing
  • % ownership by women

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