Save our Seas Foundation Small Grants

The SAVE OUR SEAS FOUNDATION offers small grants designed for short (12- to 18-month) and small projects dedicated to early career scientists. The grant is aimed at original and innovative start-up projects, and presents early career scientists, conservationists or educators with an opportunity to prove themselves.

VALUE: Average US$5,000


The Foundation targets local projects conducted by local project leaders.

Whether or not the project is part of a larger endeavour, Save our Seas Foundation Small Grants are for specific and finite projects. Only projects concerned with

  1. chondrichthyan species (sharks, rays, skates, sawfishes and chimaeras)
  2. or habitat-related projects will be considered.


Applications open from 1 April – 15 June 2016 (Stage I)


  1. The Small Grant application process consists of a two-stage online application: Stage I involves completing a very short online form, equivalent to one to two pages. Stage II, by invitation only based on the Stage I application, will involve the completion of a longer and more detailed form, equivalent to a maximum of 10 pages.
  2. Funding is awarded for only one financial year. The SOSF will consider small grant applications that, inter alia, aim to undertake the preliminary investigations necessary before a larger, longer-term project can be developed.
  3. Successful applicants for small project grants, including scoping projects, are not eligible to submit a Small Grant application the following year, but are not excluded from submitting a new Keystone Grant application.
  4. Only one application will be accepted from any one applicant.
  5. All applications will be reviewed by the SOSF scientific committee and require final approval from the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Please read the funding guidelines carefully.


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