Common Fund for Commodities call for proposals

The CFC, is an intergovernmental financial institution which provides financing to organisations and enterprises engaged in commodity value chains in its member countries.

VALUE: The amount of finance requested from CFC should not exceed 50% of the total amount required to execute your project.

The CFC supports business activities in the field of commodity development, including agriculture, minerals and metals in Developing Countries.

CFC supported activities promote the development of the commodity sector and contribute to

  • Create employment (particularly for youth and women), provide sustained increase in household incomes, reduce poverty, and enhance food security.
  • Economic: Enhance production and productivity, achieve higher local value addition; improve competitiveness of producers, producer organisations and small and medium sized industries, support the financial sector development.
  •  Environmental: Enhance production taking into account the environment and its long term possibilities for the same, or increased use of productive resources while maintaining or reducing the impact on the environment.

ELIGIBILITY: Eligible Caribbean Countries: Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba,

This includes, all legal public and private entities that:

  • operate in commodity value chains in CFC member countries or provide financial services to micro, small and medium sized businesses operating in these value chains,
  • have a proven relevant track record of sound commercial operations in the proposed activities over a period of at least 3 years, which can be documented by means of (audited) financial statements, and
  • share CFC’s values, including internationally recognized principles concerning human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption as reflected in the United Nations Global Compact. .

Apply via Common Fund Website

DEADLINE: April 30th


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