Open call: $50,000 US for turtle conservation

The Marine Turtle Conservation Fund is seeking project proposals aimed at the conservation of marine turtles outside of the United States and its territories.

DEADLINE: April 1st

Eligible Applicants: Proposals will be accepted from individuals; non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, public and private institutions of higher education, multi-national secretariats; state and local government agencies, and foreign entities.


The Marine Turtle Conservation Fund is seeking project proposals that promote the conservation of marine turtles by focusing on:

  • Activities that protect nesting females and eggs on important nesting beaches;
  • Developing local human and institutional capacity for marine turtle conservation and management through training;
  • Cultivating the conservation values, interests, and actions of target audiences through conservation education, community outreach, social marketing and other relevant tools and mechanisms;
  • Developing and implementing measures to address fisheries by-catch threats to priority nesting populations (see below);
  • Incorporating an interdisciplinary approach that includes social, economic, policy, and legal considerations of marine turtle conservation; Page 2 of 18
  • Integrating problem solving, conflict resolution, and participatory approaches that are socially, culturally, politically, and economically enduring in the country/region where the project activities take place;
  • Developing and executing marine turtle conservation management plans;  Habitat conservation and management;
  • Information exchange to promote international collaboration;
  • Promotion of networks, partnerships, and coalitions that assist in the implementation of conventions, treaties, protocols and other international activities that promote regional collaboration and maximize coordinated conservation and management of marine turtles;
  • Protected area/reserve management of important nesting beaches; and
  • Strengthening local capacity to implement conservation programs on nesting beaches.

VALUE: Up to $50,000 USD

Apply: Begin your application now


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